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在線人數 : 240

  • ALL BLACK - to serve as background
  • By: PAT C.
  • Accessory: Forever21

  • Tag: black , accessory , golden , ring , red
  • Favorite Red ♡ SILK
  • By: PAT C.
  • Dress: 旺角 瓊華中心 (Price: HK$199.00)
    High heels: 旺角 瓊華中心 (Price: HK$399.00)
    Bag: 銅鑼灣 銀座商場 (Price: HK$168.00)
    Accessory: 銅鑼灣 銀座商場 (Price: HK$89.00)

  • Tag: red , dress , silk , wedding , party
  • Wilful! in three Extreme color
  • By: PAT C.

  • Coat: 太子 聯合廣場 (Price: HK$289.00)
    Accessory: 尖沙咀 利時廣場 (Price: HK$119.00)
    Print Leggings: 尖沙咀 利時廣場 (Price: HK$119.00)

  • Tag: white , black , golden , accessory
  • Match Up / Black n Silver
  • By: PAT C.

  • Coat: Lady story (Price: HK$400.00)
    Cotton shirt: 銅鑼灣 銀座商場 (Price: HK$200.00)
    Belt: Maple (Price: HK$59.00)
    Pants: 太子 聯合廣場 (Price: HK$289.00)
    Boots: 旺角 瓊華中心 (Price: HK$699.00)
    Bag: 銅鑼灣 金百利 (Price: HK$99.00)

  • Tag: Black , Silver
  • Bat Today
  • By: PAT C.
  • Top: Choice (Price: HK$400.00)
    Pants: 太子 聯合廣場 (Price: HK$289.00)
    Shoes: 銅鑼灣 金百利 (Price: HK$600.00)

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  • Dressed with Silk - Standed in the stairway
  • By: PAT C.
  • Tag:
  • Little combination to shape your life
  • By: PAT C.
  • Tag:
  • No person has the right to step on your dream
  • By: PAT C.
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Life is not a burden


T r y

 to get a little dressed-up

to differentiate yourself in a hustle and bustle city.




I am


 to life.